FVYSA To Implement Retreat Line Under 11 and Under 12

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In a meeting held on 25 August 2014, between the following clubs and respective technical directors:

Abbotsford Soccer – Ian Knight, Chilliwack Soccer – Glenn Wilson, Langley FC – Steve Miller, Langley United – Mark Parker, Absent: Aldergrove Soccer – Bill Ede

The following was agreed to:

With immediate effect for the upcoming fall/winter 2014/15 soccer season the age groups Under 11 and Under 12 will implement a “retreat line”.

The use of a retreat line will be introduced to promote young players during goal kicks to improve their ability to play out from the back rather than kicking the ball away from their goal and down field.

The world of soccer is evolving and Canadian youth must also evolve with the game. The modern game now evolves around maintaining possession of the ball, with controlled, precise build up starting from the goalkeeper. Players must understand the right time to play forward and/or backwards.

To enable youth players to play this style of soccer they must learn to play through the thirds of the field and have the ability to maintain possession throughout the whole field while under pressure. Every player on the field must become comfortable in possession of the ball, as possession based soccer should become their default style of play.

Retreat Line Procedure:

The Retreat line comes into play when the ball has gone out for a goal kick. All opposing players will retreat to the offside line or offside indicator (cone or marker) which should already be in place. Opposing players may not pressure the ball until:
– The ball is received by a teammate of the team taking the goal kick (in other words the goal kick is a free pass) OR,

– The ball travels over the retreat line (offside line) OR,

– The ball leaves the field of play

If a team chooses to play quickly, they can. The ball will be in play as soon as it leaves the penalty area regardless of the opposing team’s position.

If the opposing team repeatedly infringes the retreat line, an indirect free kick shall be awarded from the place where the offence occurred for not respect the restart.

Making the Right decision:

At times the correct pass is a long one, players need to recognize the positions of the opposing team and act accordingly. If there is the opportunity to play quickly to create a counter attack, it should be encouraged!

This supports the development of decision making for young players and the speed of their distribution

The governing body of soccer in our province, BC Soccer, fully supports this initiative, in addition the basis of the content in this document has been with BC Soccer’s approval extracted from the original retreat line document which BC Soccer will be implementing in the upcoming Under 13 BCSPL program.

On behalf of the clubs in the Fraser Valley we thank BC Soccer for the support.

To read the full release please click here.

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